Transforming lives through employment


By Columbus Works

Where are all the good people? Seems quite a quandary—employers are having difficulty identifying and hiring good employees while right next door is an entire community of neighbors, sometimes living in poverty.

What if someone created a system that transformed the unemployed neighbors into a desirable workforce? Wouldn’t this address two problems; resolving employers experiencing a labor shortage and a workforce with skills gaps. This would truly benefit our neighbors living in poverty as a result of barriers to sustained employment, as well as those experiencing underemployment.

Columbus Works delivers just such a system. We are a privately funded, non-profit organization created by an employer with the unique needs of both the employer and the workforce in mind. Born out of significant research of proven privately funded workforce programs, Columbus Works applies a holistic approach and a curriculum proven to transform Members from poverty to self-sufficiency.

How it Works For Job Seekers

体育投注Columbus Works offers workforce training and job placement services from two locations in Columbus, the Career Gateway on the south side and Weinland Park in the north end. Job seekers can choose the location closest to their home. Information sessions are held twice each month, so neighbors can learn what to expect from the Columbus Works experience. The first week of the journey is in a classroom environment. From the second week forward Columbus Works Members are working one-on-one with their individual Employment Coach and being introduced to Employer Partners with jobs fitting their individual skills and interests. Columbus Works offers long-term wrap-around services and provides assistance with transportation, legal issues, daycare, groceries, clothing, and additional career advancing job training. Columbus Works Members are Members for life, as we make a long-term commitment to supporting career success.

How it Works For Employers

Columbus Works Employer Partners experience increased quality of hire and reduce the time it takes to identify excellent employees. Employers hire Columbus Works Members because of the training they have received in critical thinking, communication, the importance of attendance and engagement, and soft skills necessary to succeed at work. Our partners are involved in a wide variety of industries, across the greater Columbus area. And, Employer Partners appreciate that Columbus Works Members are supported for the long-term by their Employment Coach, working specifically on job retention and career advancement. Last year 20% of Columbus Works Members were promoted by their Employers. And, over 80% retain their jobs for over a year. Columbus Works welcomes the opportunity to engage new Employer Partners.

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