Skywatch: Look for a Double Cluster this week

The New Moon

When we see some clearing star gazing will be a little easier this week because we’ll have a dark sky.

体育投注The New Moon arrives early in the week, at 10:32 a.m. Sunday morning to be exact. This means there will be less light pollution to spoil the show at night.

The Perseus Double Cluster

体育投注A dark sky is a good thing if you want to spot a couple of famed star clusters. The Double Cluster of Chi & H Persei are also known as New General Catalogue (NGC) 884 & 869. Each cluster has between 300 & 400 stars and they’re about 7,500 light years away from us!

You can use Cassiopeia to help you find them. Two stars will form a line that will point to the Double Cluster. A small telescope or nice pair of binoculars will really bring the pair to life.

Venus & the Young Moon

Look for Venus this week in the western sky this week. It’ll shine brightly at nightfall. On Thursday evening a young moon will hang just to the left of the planet. If you have a good telescope you might be able to find Uranus just above the pair. Happy hunting!