Skywatch: Enjoy the Moon & look for planets this week

The Moon Meets the Bull

The Moon has a date with the bull on Sunday & Monday nights this week. Above is how it’ll look when it passes through Taurus on Sunday evening.

体育投注Look high in the southwestern sky to find the pair. While you’re at it find “The Pleiades”, famous asterism just above and right of our satellite.

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon will arrive at 2:57 in the afternoon on Monday. It’ll be found in Taurus later in the evening.

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The Moon Enters the "Winter Circle"

体育投注Last month we talked about the moon passing through another famous asterism and it’ll do that once again this week.

The Winter Circle is a pattern in the sky made up of some of the brightest stars in well-known winter constellations.

The Moon will be in it on Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Above is how you’ll find it on Wednesday evening. Look in the south to overhead to enjoy the show.

Look for a Trio of Planets

Early risers can enjoy Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in the Southeastern sky this week. The trio will be visible about an hour before sunrise late in the week. Happy hunting!