Not just for teens? New distracted driving course targets mature drivers


AAA Ohio Auto Club offers a safe driving course specifically for drivers 55 and older. In it "mature" drivers get a refresher on rules of the road along with a lesson on distracted driving.

"It's just kind of a thing that we've done," said Mary Lou Gallimore, driving instructor for AAA. It's so easy to get behind the wheel and then we let other things get involved that does take our attention off of the road."

体育投注Among other lessons, Gallimore makes sure to go over various distractions on the road and ways to ignore them.

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"We've talked in class that the cognitive distraction has to be one of the hardest things to control," Gallimore explained. "If you have small children in the car -- they're a big distraction. Animals in your car, your dogs and your cats and things like that."

Randolph Reed is one of the people who took Tuesday's class. He says he's been driving for about 55 years.

"I remember times when we didn’t have side mirrors when I first learned to drive those weren’t even on a car," Reed said.

He says the biggest distraction for him isn't cell phones or technology, but "other drivers... I mean, the biggest distraction on the road are the other drivers."

Seniors who complete the course are eligible for insurance premium discounts.