Columbus police officer has written over 900 tickets for distracted driving


On Tuesday, 10TV’s Dom Tiberi took his Maria’s Message Presentation to Independence High School.

Also speaking to the kids was Columbus police officers James Poole and Keith Conner. Officer Conner is on a mission to end Distracted Driving.

To date, he has written 903 distracted driving tickets. He has also issued over 6,000 warnings.

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体育投注In Columbus, it is against the law to operate a vehicle while using a phone to send or read text messages.

The law also prohibits using the phone to search the internet, to watch movies, or to play games while driving or at a stop light.

Officer Conner says he has seen it all. Recently he caught a woman who was watching a movie while driving.

体育投注He realizes he is not very popular with some he has given a ticket but he says his mission is to make sure everyone gets home and that the epidemic of distracted driving stops.

Dom's speech on Tuesday was his 119th school visit. Over 100,000 kids have now heard the message. For more information on Maria's Message, click here.