Columbus dancers 'breakin'' goals, prepping for international competition


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Moving into late January leads many people to think about their 2020 goals, including one group of local Columbus dancers.

“It’s like I can just let loose and let all my feelings out and put it on the floor and like, just dance with it,” said 11-year-old Luci Marx, who has been dancing for around three years.

That’s an understatement for the enthusiasm these dancers share at Flavor’d Flow, the city’s first hip-hop cultural based dance studio.

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“I love to dance and when I hear some music I like, it just makes me feel like dancing whatever I want in my mind,” said 7-year-old Kaz Kunimoto-Woodworth.

体育投注Flavor’d Flow focuses in on break dancing and popping, however, as owner and dance instructor James Alexander explained, there’s more to the style of dance than the public may know.

体育投注“The original term for break dancing is actually called ‘breakin,’ b-boyin’ or ‘b-girln,'" Alexander said. "‘B-boy’ or ‘B-girl’ is just short for ‘break boy’ or ‘break girl’ and that term really just means to break out and dance.”

Teaching the history of breakin’ and hip hop culture is a key part of Alexander’s lessons.

体育投注“I believe knowledge is power and I believe that if they have the knowledge of the history and the knowledge of the history of the dance and the culture, it'll make them better as a dancer, even just knowing little facts just because it gives them more confidence,” he said.

体育投注Each week, students look forward to what they can learn.

体育投注“My favorite part is learning new things,” said Makai Davis, who takes classes at Flavor’d Flow Studio.

Together, the crews at Flavor’d Flow are putting in the work to reach their goals.

Some goals, like 16-year-old Mara Smith’s, are more long-term.

体育投注“I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up so I come here to practice,” she said. “I come here to practice and whatnot so I can get better and achieve that.”

体育投注In the near future, the studio has its sights set on dominating their upcoming international competition in Nashville this March.

体育投注“We’ve just been really focused and doing a lot of drills and you see how many times the kids come in a week,” Alexander said. “Just drilling them; drilling them. Giving them the confidence to be able to compete against people all around the world.”

This is all while gaining so much more.

体育投注“It teaches you behavior skills and it teaches you better coordination,” Marx said.

体育投注And the classes aren’t just for kids either.

体育投注Alexander told 10TV he offers adult classes as well.

体育投注“It’s a fun way to experience working out without making it feel like it’s work,” he said.

体育投注You can find more information on the classes by